Fjordhus Reivers 3s 8

Inverleith 2s 2

FJORDHUS Reivers 3s set about the start of the 2nd half of the season with great energy and enthusiasm right from the first whistle.

Some great attacking link up play down each of the wings looked set to threaten the Inverleith defence and within the first 10 minutes Reivers were two goals up.

Not set with just these two goals Reivers continued to pressure the Inverleith defence throughout the 1st half, securing themselves many penalty corners and attacking opportunities in the Inverleith 23 metre area. From this, Reivers secured themselves two more goals within the first half.

One of these a perfectly executed team move up the pitch which was expertly finished by Kacey Edmison, stepping up from the young Reivers 5s squad for this game alongside Molly Darling who both showed tremendous amounts of skill throughout the game.

Perhaps a lapse in concentration or simply feeling the effects of the festive period, Reivers let Inverleith into the game in the first 10 minutes of the second half where they were able to capitalise on this with two goals scored in quick succession.

Despite the average age of this Reivers side being around 15, they showed maturity and intelligence to identify what was going wrong and quickly adjusted this.

Credit must also go to the strong defence who held the game well and were relentless in their efforts to terminate Inverleith attacks.

Reivers pushed on to score four more goals in the second half, leaving the final score Fjordhus Reivers 8-2 Inverleith.

Goal scorers were: Livvy Hogg (3), Lucy Bell (3) and Kacey Edmison (2)