LAUDER'S very own Latte Ladies opted for something a bit stronger on Sunday after concluding their 2017 Coffee Shop Challenge.

Susan Sutherland and Anne Lillico have visited coffee shops all over the Borders.

And each long macchiato or frothy latte was preceded with a gruelling 10 miles or more cross country run.

The challenge began earlier this year with the inaugural Coffee Shop Challenge along the old railway line from Oxton to Lauder.

Runs followed with finishing mochas awaiting them in Old Melrose, Milestone, Kelso, Woodside, Jedburgh, Denholm, Hawick and Lilliesleaf.

On each run the Latte Ladies were joined by fellow Lauderdale Limpers and athletes from other clubs in the Borders.

The challenge continued with Americanos awaiting them in Selkirk, Innerleithen, Peebles, Walkerburn, Stow, Galashiels and Melrose.

On Sunday around 30 Limpers and a few friends joined the Latte Ladies to take part in the final challenge run from Melrose back to Lauder.

Awaiting Susan and Anne at the Spotty Dog finishing line were banners, party poppers and a few bottles of Prosecco.

The Lattee Ladies, having completed around 300 miles of trail running during the challenge, were presented with engraved medals and even a specially-made cake.