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Dear Reader,

While the country endures the continuing restrictions of the coronavirus pandemic, there has never been a more crucial time to know what is happening in your area.

These restrictions have a severe impact on people's daily lives and mental health, throwing up new challenges for families, businesses, schools, the NHS and our community.

And in an era of misinformation and fake news on social media sites, staying informed with reliable journalism is key to staying safe. We want to make sure you continue to stay in the know with your trusted local paper.

We are therefore relaunching our home delivery service, to ensure you can still get your newspaper at the time when you need it most.

We understand that for millions of people like you, getting your newspaper is an important part of your lives. Our home delivery service will help ensure readers - particularly those who are vulnerable and elderly - can stay informed.

It couldn't be easier to sign up. Simply call 0141 302 7318 to speak to one of our friendly professional advisors who will help you with your order.

As well as our home delivery newspaper service, we have also launched our digital subscriptions, where readers can get unlimited access to our online journalism 24 hours a day starting from just £2 for the first two months.

Readers are relying on trusted news brands more than ever before as they seek to make sense of the latest developments in the pandemic and what it means for them and their loved ones.

It has widely been acknowledged that local newspapers have provided a vital service in keeping the public informed and it is absolutely right that we are offering newspaper home delivery and digital subscriptions to as many people as possible.

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Stay informed. Stay safe. 

The Editor, Border Telegraph