A mini-documentary series exploring the most shocking cases in Britain today delves into the unsolved murder of Claudia Lawrence.

The York chef disappeared on March 18, 2009, leading to the largest and most complex missing person inquiry in North Yorkshire Police history.    

Today, True Crime Newsquest releases its mini-documentary on the mysterious case, featuring unique insight from veteran York Press reporter, Mike Laycock. 

The film takes viewers from the early stages of the investigation in 2009, and up to the latest developments at the Sand Hutton Gravel Pits early last year.

True Crime Newsquest was recently joined by award-winning investigative journalist Mark Williams-Thomas, who exposed Jimmy Saville as a paedophile in The Other Side of Jimmy Savile.

Speaking about the release of the new Claudia Lawrence documentary, the former detective said: "We will for the first time, bring you the most definitive timeline and overview of the investigation, bringing you right up to date.

"In addition, we showcase some very interesting information about Claudia’s phone records."

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