This documentary by True Crime UK reexamines the evidence in unsolved cases linked to serial killer Peter Tobin after his death.

The unrepentant murderer passed away on 8 October 2022 after being transported from HMP Edinburgh to receive end-of-life care for cancer in hospital.

Police sat by his deathbed in a failed bid to get the terminally ill 76-year-old to shed light on unsolved cases across the UK before he passed away.

In this short documentary, Mark Williams-Thomas examines the evidence in his Bible John serial killer investigation, as well as two unsolved cases in Sussex.

Mr Williams-Thomas said: "Over the years I have had the opportunity to thoroughly investigate a number of serial killers. Peter Tobin, by far, is the vilest of them all.

"As Tobin saw out his final days in the hospital, seriously ill with cancer and no doubt in pain, I had no sorrow or pity for him. He was a vile man who gave no thought to his victims or their loved ones when he brutally took their lives.

"Nor did he have any care for the families of the loved ones he has killed of whom he has not been convicted.

"He could quite easily have released their torment. Instead, he chose to remain silent and not reveal where his other victims are buried."

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