A new documentary shows the moment we confronted a killer on the doorstep of his home nearly 40 years after he killed his wife and buried her remains in a septic tank. 

The latest documentary from True Crime Newsquest, released today, delves into the marital murder of Brenda Venables and the four decades of lies that followed.

Heartless pig farmer David Venables killed his wife in 1982 to continue an affair with another woman – her remains went undiscovered for nearly 40 years.

But Venables’ lies finally unraveled in 2019 when unsuspecting workers made a grizzly discovery while clearing an underground chamber at his old home.

Featuring insight from Worcester News reporter Sam Greenway, the film explores the life of the couple prior to the murder, the discovery, and David's eventual trial.

The YouTube documentary shows the moment Newsquest's Investigations Editor, Mark Williams Thomas, confronts killer David Venables on his doorstep prior to his conviction.

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