SCOTTISH Borders Council has issued a statement about the new lockdown.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced yesterday (Monday, January 4) that mainland Scotland will have to follow strict rules throughout January.

The rules include a law ordering people to stay at home - you can only leave for essential purposes.

A spokesperson for SBC has issued a statement on the back of the new coronavirus rules.

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The spokesperson said: “It is essential that everyone follows the updated guidance to stop the virus spreading further and to protect vital services. 

“SBC already has plans and support in place for the Level 4 restrictions that came into effect on Boxing Day but we are working hard to ensure we are as prepared as possible for this further tightening of restrictions. Any further details will be communicated as soon as possible.

“We remain focused on making sure the most vulnerable people in our communities receive the support they need in these challenging times.

“Community Assistance Hubs will continue to operate to support those in critical need in all our communities and co-ordinate support across a range of partners and community groups.

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“In terms of education, arrangements are already in place for all schools and Early Years settings to be open from January 5 for invited children of all ages as well as the children of key workers up to S2.

“All other young people remain on holiday until 11 January.

“From 11 January online and remote learning will be provided for all pupils, with in-school arrangements continuing for invited young people and the children of key workers. These arrangements will be in place until at least the start of February.”

The spokesperson added that more information can be found by visiting: