BORDERS MPs John Lamont and David Mundell are amongst more than three hundred British parliamentarians from both houses to sign a statement condemning attacks by Hamas.

The Palestinian militant group launched an unprecedented assault into Israel on Saturday killing hundreds of people and taking captives back into blockaded Gaza as the group launched thousands of rockets.



The statement drafted by the Britain-Israel All-Party Parliamentary Group, consisting of members from a range of political parties said: ”We are united in condemning Hamas’s unprovoked attack against Israel and its civilians.

“Hundreds of Israeli civilians have been murdered and kidnapped within their communities by marauding gangs of terrorists. Thousands of rockets have been fired by the Iran backed terror group with the explicit intention of harming as many as possible.

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“The peace in villages, towns and cities across Israel has been shattered at a time when many will have been celebrating Shabbat and the Jewish Festival of Sukkot and Simchat Torah. The violence has been indiscriminate with people f all faiths, ethnicities and backgrounds targeted.

“The footage is deeply disturbing and will have horrified people across the UK and within our constituencies and communities.

“We welcome the UK’s strong condemnation of Hamas’s barbaric attack and pledge to protect the UK’s vibrant Jewish community.

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“The attack by Iran’s Hamas proxy is a futile attempt to harm the movement for peace across the region, as Israel and its Arab neighbours work jointly for a future of shared prosperity.

“The Abraham Accords have shown that a future of peace is possible and we celebrate the historic opportunity it presents and call for redoubled efforts to expand them.”

“As members of all of the UK’s main political parties, we stand in solidarity with Israel and its right to self-defence at this time of great need.”