A DEVELOPMENT coordinator to help the Borders maximise benefits from mountain biking has been appointed.

Emily Stratton has joined the Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland (DMBinS) team, part of governing body Scottish Cycling.

And her ultimate aim is to bring a World Cup to the Tweed Valley.

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She said: “One thing I love about this role is that every day is different.

“In my first three weeks I have met some awesome people, supported DMBinS events, given career pathway talks in schools, delivered a webinar, and met some great local business owners and community groups.

“I’m excited for everything else that is still to come.”

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Ms Stratton was previously the manager at Dyfi Bike Park and had a brief stint as a firefighter on the Isles of Scilly.

She then moved to Scotland where she joined Scottish Cycling.

Her new role will help ensure the Borders maximises the skills development and business opportunities that mountain biking brings to the area.

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She wants to develop the region as a global mountain bike destination and host a World Cup in the Tweed Valley.

The Borders is one of the leading mountain biking destinations in the UK.