IT'S a case of out with the old and in with the new where the Academy Press Group is concerned this week.

With the majority of its previous S6 members having left to pursue their dreams, the remaining few have been joined by a group of new fifth years who will no doubt keep the S6s on their toes!

But of course, the Press Group is always prepared to take on some more budding journalists, so if you're in either S5 or S6 and have a passion for writing, pop your head around Dr Nicol's door and we'll be sure to welcome you.

Some contributors have ambition; others look for a fun, unique experience. These pupils can't wait to get their creative juices flowing and look forward to spending their Tuesday afternoons writing about the latest Academy news for the local community. We hope you enjoy our contributions.

So, who are we all and what motivates us to take to the keyboard? "Joining Press Group was the perfect opportunity to take a step away from the more conventional afternoon options and instead broaden my horizons with a new and exciting experience," commented Iona Dickson.

"I have always been interested in writing so thought this would be a good opportunity to experience the many different forms. Who knows where it might end up taking me!' shares Georgina Ainslie.

"I enjoy writing and am just hoping that I, along with the rest of us, can keep up the great standard of the old guard!' comments Jack Morrison, the only male member of the new team. (Guys, we need help here!)"

"Emily's always loved journalism, and I myself have always enjoyed writing. We thought perhaps we could have fun doing the course together and just generally improving our journalistic skills," commented Laura Stennett and Emily Capaldi.

"I've been eager to join Press Group since S1 so I was excited to sign up as soon as I could. My dream job would have to be something to do with journalism and this opportunity will allow me to develop my skills and give me the experience I need in University. The fact that my friends are interested, too, doesn't hurt!" added Eilidh Jones who, with Georgina Ainslie, co-ordinated this, our first piece. We look forward to writing the next one!