25 Nov 2014 07:30 • David Knox

Catwalk classes come to Selkirk

SELKIRK students are set for a trendy term or two after their school landed a grant for lighting up their fashion designs.

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24 Nov 2014 08:00 • David Knox

Welcome to Her Majesty’s Prison Selkirk

PLANS for a former tourist attraction at the entrance to Selkirk are being compared to a prison.

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21 Nov 2014 07:30

FAI into Selkirk woman’s death

A FATAL accident inquiry is to be held into the death of a Selkirk pensioner four years ago.

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18 Nov 2014 07:30

Hunt friendly Selkirk councillors go into hiding

HUNT saboteurs have forced town councillors in Selkirk to go into hiding.

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14 Nov 2014 07:30

Textiles museum told to forget Selkirk

THE directors behind a planned £5 million textiles museum have been told to turn their backs on Selkirk.

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13 Nov 2014 07:45

CSI Selkirk could last for over a year

A PUB in Selkirk used as a cannabis farm could remain boarded up and guarded for over a year.

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7 Nov 2014 12:30 • David Knox

Breaking: Family pay tribute to Earlston teacher killed in Selkirk smash

THE family of a woman killed in a serious road collision in the Borders have paid tribute to her.

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7 Nov 2014 07:00

Ettrick Road housing bid accepted

DESPITE strong opposition from neighbours a developer has been granted permission to build on garden ground in Selkirk.

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30 Oct 2014 11:00

Men appear in court after cannabis 'worth up to £1.8m' is unearthed in Selkirk

FOUR men have been arrested and charged under the Misuse of Drugs Act after police in the Scottish Borders recovered a large cannabis cultivation in Selkirk.

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24 Oct 2014 09:00

Mystery merchants to move in to Baxters Selkirk

PLANS have been unveiled for an agricultural merchants to move into the former Baxters building in Selkirk.

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24 Oct 2014 07:00

Phone signal summit at Selkirk Connections

REPRESENTATIVES from all of the major mobile phone companies are coming to Selkirk.

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23 Oct 2014 08:00

Jailed Selkirk financial advisor made to repay £55,000

A FINANCIAL adviser has been ordered to pay back £55,000 under the Proceeds of Crime legislation.

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23 Oct 2014 07:30

Selkirk biker jailed

A BANNED biker who clocked up his fourth drink driving offence has been jailed for 10 weeks.

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23 Oct 2014 07:00

Selkirk gardener admits £3000 fraud

A LANDSCAPE gardener who admitted a £3,000 fraud has been ordered to carry out 80 hours unpaid work.

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21 Oct 2014 07:00 • David Knox

Garden plans for Selkirk eyesore

AN eye-sore near Selkirk town centre is to be transformed into a garden of remembrance.

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20 Oct 2014 08:30 • David Knox

Hope for Sentry Knowe wall

WORK on a collapsed wall at the entrance to a family’s housing estate in Selkirk could begin later this year.

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20 Oct 2014 07:30 • David Knox

Referendum returns to Selkirk

SELKIRK is set for another referendum.

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20 Oct 2014 07:30 • David Knox

Selkirk toilets face closure

A PUBLIC toilet block in Selkirk is on a closure hit list.

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20 Oct 2014 06:30 • David Knox

New road to recycling in Selkirk

A NEW access road is to be built in Selkirk to allow for Souters to continue recycling.

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11 Oct 2014 08:30

Selkirk family reunite at regimental gathering

THREE generations of the same Selkirk family piped in a regimental reunion.

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