22 Apr 2014 08:30

Council savings will 'cut into the bone’

Sir, The planned £28 million proposed cuts over the next five years won’t cut services to the bone, they will cut into the bone.

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21 Apr 2014 08:30

Kelso blames dramatic fall in business on improvements works

Sir, A couple of weeks ago the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) were contacted by two of our Kelso based members to ask if there was anything we could do to have their concerns regarding the long running town centre improvement works raised with Scottish Borders Council and the works contractors.

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20 Apr 2014 08:30

Wands Sevens

Sir, Can I through your pages invite members of the public to this year’s Gala Wanderers Under 18 Sevens a side tournament.

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19 Apr 2014 08:30

New rail terminus to be named Tweedbank

COMMUNITY Councillors this week heard that, after much debate, the new rail terminus in the Borders is to be named Tweedbank.

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18 Apr 2014 08:30

Bowland concerns

Sir, I have to agree with Mr Jack Temple in his letter (Border Telegraph, April 2) and ask why a total closure of the B710 road at Bowland for five months is required to construct a bridge.

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17 Apr 2014 08:30

New line must have best possible trains

Sir, Rail campaigners have urged bidders for the new ScotRail franchise to ensure that Class 158 diesel trains to be deployed on the Borders Railway in 2015 are refurbished in line with the treatment given to trains serving the scenic Highland lines radiating from Inverness.

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16 Apr 2014 08:00

Borders Railway 'being delivered to high standards’

Sir, I am writing in response to the article which you ran on the front page of the Border Telegraph (April 9), 'Borders Railway putting school kids lives at risk’, a headline which we consider to be disappointing and distasteful.

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12 Apr 2014 12:30

The Michael Moore Column

LIBERAL Democrat MP Michael Moore represents residents in Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk in the UK Government. Here, he writes exclusively for the Border Telegraph...

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10 Apr 2014 11:30

Borders Railway is not a 'white elephant’

IT has been closed for more than six months to allow work to continue on the construction of the new rail line in the Borders. And was due to reopen shortly.

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9 Apr 2014 13:30

Waverley whine

Sir, I had the pleasure of cycling up in the Scottish Borders last weekend, and was pleased to see the construction of the new railway.

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24 Mar 2014 08:30

This is a referendum, not a party political election

Sir, May I comment on the letter entitled, “Why should I be vilified for questioning independence?” (Peeblesshire News, March 7) in which Fiona Campbell takes issue with Margaret Allison’s assertion that independence supporters want “to determine our future according to what is best for all people living here, and to be valued as a nation for what we are, and can be.”

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22 Mar 2014 08:30

Dog fouling continues to cause a stink in Selkirk

PROVOKED park parents in Selkirk are set to get dirty in their fight with dozy dog walkers.

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20 Mar 2014 08:30

Parking outside school drives parents round the bend

POLICE launched a special two-day operation at the largest primary school in Galashiels last week in an attempt to educate motorists on responsible parking.

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19 Mar 2014 08:30

An independent Scotland will be rich

Sir, Fiona Campbell expresses her failure to understand Margaret Allinson’s ambition for an independent Scotland ‘to determine our future according to what is best for all our people living here and to be valued as a nation for what we are and can be.’

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17 Mar 2014 08:30

Congratulations to the Border Telegraph

Sir, I wanted to congratulate you on your recent success of your newspaper. I noticed in today’s issue that you are one of only three Scottish newspapers to increase your circulation in the past year.

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13 Mar 2014 08:30

Alternative venue needed for Earlston playpark

Sir, I wish to object in the strongest possible terms to having my views labelled as ‘selfish behaviour’ by spokespersons for, and supporters of, the proposed play park at Mill Meadow in Earlston.

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13 Mar 2014 08:30

Earlston divided in play park row

Sir, I am a local resident who doesn’t live close to the park but uses it to on an almost daily basis and I wish to strongly object to the rhetoric, tone and almost childish attitude used to describe then dismiss individuals who have had the temerity to use their democratic right to disagree with the views and actions taken by both Earlston Community Development Trust and Scottish Borders Council.

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10 Mar 2014 08:30

Please repair the potholes

Sir, So Scottish Borders Council has earmarked £200,000 to install traffic lights at Neidpath Corner in Peebleswhen this money would surely be better spent on repairing potholes that are causing untold damage to our vehicles.

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9 Mar 2014 08:30

Selkirk lost out in store wars

Sir, I was studying two items that had just arrived in the post namely flyers from a German discounter with a supermarket in Hawick and one from a Scottish owned food discounter along from Galashiels cop shop.

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8 Mar 2014 08:30

Borders roads are truly awful

Sir, I was pleased to see David Mundell taking up the cudgels over the truly awful state of our local roads.

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