TWO senior roles at Scottish Borders Council have been axed to save around £140,000 a year.

The restructure will see the the local authority scrap the depute chief executive posts, as part of the cost-cutting measures.

Jeanette McDiarmid, depute chief executive, people, will leave the council, while Philip Barr, depute chief executive, place, will take on a new portfolio within the senior management team.

Tracey Logan, chief executive of SBC said: "The revised configuration we are putting in place streamlines the council’s management team, ensuring we are in the best place possible to meet the challenges facing public services now and in the coming years.

"This follows on from changes three years ago, which delivered direct savings of £100,000 and allowed reinvestment of over £600,000 into services.

"I would like to put on record my thanks to Jeanette McDiarmid, depute chief executive, people, for her hard work over the past three years, in particular the integration of health and social care, which has been a significant challenge for the Council over the past 18 months.

"She has very ably led our People department, delivering a great deal, and the department and colleagues have benefited from her expertise and experience."

Mrs McDiarmid was appointed in 2014, leaving her job as a Chief Superintendent with Police Scotland. 

Mr Barr was also appointed at the same time. He was head of organisational development with the City of Edinburgh Council.

Councillor Michael Cook, SBC’s executive member for HR and corporate improvement, added: "The council has an obligation to look forward to ensure structures are fit for purpose and through this restructure is building a senior management structure for the future.

"The council is committed to positive change, and the way in which we deliver services and our structure is under constant review to ensure we continue to provide high quality services and value for money for local tax payers, especially at times such as this when local authorities are facing significant financial pressures."