THE mum of a 10-year-old Innerleithen boy who crashed his mountain bike in Glentress has sounded a safety warning to fellow cyclists.

Pippa Jackson told us of her shock after her son David came flying off his bike when a jump went horribly wrong. 

The youngster was riding down the trail on Friday evening (July 28) during one of the Dirt School summer ride-outs.

He landed on his face with the pedal of the bike hitting the back of his helmet.

The St Ronan’s Primary School pupil, who featured as a monk in the recent Games Week celebrations, was quickly seen to after his dad Neil (a member of both Tweed Valley Bike Patrol and Tweed Valley Mountain Rescue – TVMR) raised the alarm.

Pippa told us: “When I first heard the news from Neil it was a bit of a shock, and I didn’t realise the severity of what happened. 

“David has been mountain biking since he could pedal a bike and has done this trail (Spooky Wood) numerous times before, but this time got things a bit wrong. 

“His dad was right behind him and quickly on the scene. 

“Matthew Morris, from Alpine Bikes at Glentress, and Andy Barlow, from the Dirt School, were also straight there to assist with first aid. 

“Due to where he was on an upper trail at Glentress, TVMR were called out to transport David to an ambulance waiting at the Buzzards Nest carpark.

“His helmet took the full brunt of the impact, with the visor splitting and unfortunately causing grazing and cuts to his forehead. 

“Thankfully, though, it stopped a large stone which could have ended up damaging David’s skull. 

“For David to walk away from this with only some concussion and scrapes and grazes to his face is testament to the importance of wearing a helmet properly when you are out on your bike.

“I’d urge other cyclists to always make sure they wear a helmet whenever they go out riding, my motto would simply be – no helmet, no ride.”

After a CT scan and a night at Borders General Hospital, David was allowed home.

Pippa added: “We are following the ‘Scottish Sports Concussion Guidance’ regarding his return to sport and the next two weeks where he is allowed to do very little are going to be very difficult. 

“David simply loves his biking – something his bedroom wall is testament to – and plans to be out there doing it again as soon as he is allowed.

“David would like to thank everyone who has sent messages of support. 

“He has been cheered up immensely by get well messages from so many people, including complete strangers, family and friends, including three of his heroes – [mountain bikers] Katy Winton, Lewis Buchanan and Australian MTB legend Sam Hill.”