LAUDER Common Riding may have ended last week, but we have to show you these fantastic fancy dress pictures from the Wednesday night...

Boys under five: 1 Joel in the Box-Joel Park, 2 Paul Patrol-Miles McNulty, 3 Spotty Dog - Theo Taylor.
Girls under five: 1 Box of Frosties-Arya Nichol, 2 Princess Leila-Alice Murray, 3 Peppa Pig-Emily Maitland-Carew.
Boys five and six: 1 Lauder Emoji-Oscar Wilson, 2 Obi Wan Kanobi-Callum Murray.
Girls five and six: 1 Lauder Banana-Heidi Kunkel.
Boys seven to nine: 1 The Celt-Angus Santini, 2 Freddie Microry-Aiden Gurdie.
girls seven to nine: 1 Gogglebox-Ruby Wilkinson, 2 Spotty Dog-Imogen Mc Ritchie, 3= Harry Trotter-Petra Willen, 3= The Troll-Kayleigh Baxter.
Couples under ten: 1 Bunch of Grapes-Olivia McCullagh and Meghan Hendry, 2 Keeping it Rural-Matilda Patterson and Archie Ainslie, 3= Next Knights-Harry McCullagh and Murray Hendry, 3= Lauder in Bloom-Arya Nichol and Innes McKail.
Groups under ten: 1 Charlie & the Chocolate Factory-Jane Johnson & Co., 2 Lauder Circus-Ailsa Braw and Friends, 3 Jamaican Bobsleigh-Callum, Kaitlin, Owen and Lewis Young.
Groups under ten heat two: 1 There’s no place like Lauder-Suzie Russell and Friends, 2 Bananas-Rose Aitchison and friends, 3 Samantha Kings Medal Haul-Hector Emmerson, Susannah Montague and Robin McNulty.
Boys 10-15: 1 Ed Shearin-John Craig, 2 Kellogs CocoPop-Luke Chisholm, 3 Donald Trump-Callum Baxter.
Girls 10-15: 1 Smurf-Lauren Batchelor, 2 Dr Who-Charlotte Santinim 3 Peppa Pic-Sophie Miller.
Couples 10-15: 1 Fake News-Callum and Amy Baxter, 2 Wee Trolls-Anna & Kayla, 3=Bananas-Amelia Scott & Rose Aitchison, 3=Big Trolls-Jenna Elliot & Jessica Baxter.
Groups 10-15: The Trolls-Baxters & Co, 2 Bananas-Amelia, Rose and friends.
Best Family Group: 1 The Smurfs-Auntie Nicki and the Batchelor family, 2 Bag it and Bin it-Izzie, Gracie & Erin, 3=Kellogs Cereals-Nicholls family, 3=Full of Emoticons-Wilson family.
Best dressed lady: 1 Oor Wullie-Sandy Boa, 2 Lauder in Broom-Eileen Blaikie, 3 Rice Krispie-Donna Nicholls.
Best dressed gent: 1 Jack (Still Game)-Linda Hogarth, 2 Cornflakes-Stuart Nicholls, 3 Peppa Pig-Robert Miller.
Adult couples: 1 Lauder in Boom-Nigel Atkinson & Stewart Wilson, 2 Still Game-Linda Hogarth & Liz Coutts, 3 Bee-ry & the Beekeeper-Brian & Amanda Ogilvie.
Adult Groups: 1 Granny Nationals-Frances Wilson and friends, 2 Save the Bees-Karina Hall and friends, 3 Bum Notes-Maggie Landells and friends.
Best vehicle: 1 Lauder Trophy Cabinet-Middlemiss girls and friends, 2 Silver Jubilee Band-Strangeways family and friends, 3 Mexican Wall-Lauder Ex Cornets.