A GALASHIELS church has reached ‘crisis point’ over its inability to find a new treasurer, according to its minister.

“This congregation cannot exist as an independent congregation without a treasurer,” states the Rev Elspeth Harley in a letter to all members of Trinity Church in the town’s High Street.

“I am writing to you…because we have reached a crisis point as a church,” writes Mrs Harley.

“Our treasurer [Margaret Anderson] has reached ‘a certain age’ and for the last two years she has been wanting to retire.

“Requests for a new treasurer have gone out at meetings at Board meetings, Kirk Sessions, at the annual meeting, in the weekly church news and in the newsletter.

“I’ve been to see a number of people who it was suggested might be able to take on the role, but all of them felt they either don’t have the time or the talents to take it on.”

Mrs Harley reveals that Fraser Simm, treasurer of the Presbytery of Melrose and Peebles, has offered to give “considerable” help to a new treasurer and, if necessary, take on some of the duties, but she adds: “It is essential to have someone from our congregation to do basis tasks.

“Whether you have previously been asked or whether you could offer yourself of the name of someone else, I ask you to pray that the Holy Spirit will give you the courage to give me a call.”

Mrs Harley can be contacted on 01896 758485 or by email on eharley@hotmail.co.uk