OFFICIALS at Netherdale have hit out after an Edinburgh amateur team stole their badge.

Gala Fairydean Rovers was formed in 2013 after two of the town's clubs - Gala Fairydean and Gala Rovers - came together.

And officials had a new emblem designed which incorporated parts of both badges from the previous clubs to feature on their new black and red strips.

As well as the two foxes reaching up to eat sour plums from a tree from the Fairydean badge, the design by Steve Cass also included the football from the Rovers design.

Over the past four seasons the new club, with its striking badge, has competed in the Scottish Lowland League.

But last week fans and officials discovered Longstone AFC is now using the same foxes, tree and ball as well as the identical black and red colours on its own badge.

And they want answers.

Fairydean Rovers secretary Graeme McIver told us: "It would be one thing to have a similar badge to ours as a template but they've included every detail.

"The foxes and tree originate from the Galashiels coat of arms.

"I have no idea why they would want to use our badge?

"What connection has the sour plums emblem got with Edinburgh?"

The tree and foxes which appear on both the Galashiels town crest and the Gala Fairydean Rovers badge is a historical reference to a skirmish between English soldiers, who were picking wild plums on the banks of the Gala Water, and the Scots.

The emblem was used for more than a century by Gala Fairydean before being incorporated into the new design.

Longstone AFC's use of the badge has led to a social media row with the amateur club initially claiming 'no one was available for comment'.

The Lothian and Edinburgh Sunday league side also blocked Gala Fairydean Rovers from their Twitter feed.

Mr McIver added: "I don't think they have broken any laws or rules but it's not exactly playing fair.

"We've tried to get answers but they just blocked us."