A KELSO woman refused to leave a car which was being seized by police as her partner had allegedly been driving it with no insurance.

Unemployed Donna Lauder, 39,  admitted obstructing two police officers, refusing to exit a vehicle and shouting and swearing outside her Orchard Park home on July 7.

Jedburgh Sheriff Court was told that Lauder had only recently bought the car for £250and she was upset that it was being seized.

After the police managed to convince Lauder out of the driving seat where she had refused to budge despite numerous requests the argument continued and she was arrested.

Procurator fiscal Graham Fraser said:"The incident happened at around 11.45a.m. when police saw the accused partner driving without a licence and insurance and the vehicle was seized.

"The accused was also present and would not allow the vehicle to be taken away.

"Due to the hostility she was showing extra help was required.

"She sat in the driver's seat and refused to get out despite repeated requests.

"She swore at them and indicated they would have to drag her out.

"She was arrested for obstructing the police.

"Once outside the vehicle she was shouting and swearing at them and it was not helped by her partner's conduct throughout this."

The court heard that the car remains seized as she does not have the money to get it back.

Her lawyer told the court that Lauder was originally told that if she organised a trailer she could take the vehicle away but the police changed their mind and informed her the vehicle would be seized.

He said:"She accepts tempers were running high."

Sheriff Peter Paterson imposed a fine of £150.