A YOUNGSTER from Peebles is making a whole lot of dough after impressing the public with his bread making skills.

Fraser Brock, who is 12, is selling around 100 loaves a week and even has a contract with the town’s Hydro hotel.

And the young entrepreneur, who is a pupil at the George Watson’s School in Edinburgh, is balancing his school work with his new passion.

Proud dad Russell, 47, told us: “It all started when my wife Nicky’s mother came over from Ireland during the school holidays.

“He had nothing to do, so his gran (Rosemary) decided to show him how to make soda bread.

“We all had a taste and thought it was really quite good.”
The recipe has been passed down through the family and in Ireland Rosemary has won awards for her savoury sensation.

Russell added: “We thought it would be a good idea to go and knock on a few doors in the street to let the neighbours try some and one of the doors Fraser knocked on turned out to be the Hydro manager’s, Patrick Diack.

“His wife sampled the bread and she loved it. Apparently they went on a holiday to France and it’s all she could talk about.”

In fact they loved it so much, Fraser was given a contract to supply the 125-year-old luxury accommodation.

“Our house has turned into a production line,” said police officer Russell.

“He finishes school at half four, rattles his homework off on the bus and comes in to make the bread.

“He doesn’t just bake for the hotel, but he also supplies people in the street too.

“We’ve had to set up a business for it. It’s all registered. His company is Brock’s Bread Ltd and I’ve had to be put down at the company director, as Fraser is too young. We now have to have health and safety inspections!”

“He’s even had Fraser Doherty [the Scottish entrepreneur who set up SuperJam using his gran’s recipes at the age of 14] onto him, giving him advice. People keep saying ‘you’ll be on Dragons Den next’,” he joked.
Fraser has taken most of the tasks for his new venture on himself and dad Russell says he is very proud.

He said: “I think he’s done brilliantly. He’s taken it all on himself. Obviously we’ve had to pay for the company to be set up, but he’s really gone for it and he has done really well.

“He’s even had business cards printed. He saw an advert on the telly and went ahead and got them done.

“We’ve even got standing orders set up now so we can buy the ingredients!”