CHAOTIC scenes around a Selkirk primary school during drop-offs has led to a local councillor writing to the headteacher.

The town's community council was told of congestion and unsafe parking at Knowepark since pupils returned after the summer break.

And that an agreed one-way system around the town's largest primary school was being ignored by many parents.

Community council secretary Kirsty Lovatt said: "It is an absolute zoo at Knowepark just now as people are ignoring the one-way - there are cars everywhere."

Following a lengthy public consultation last year, police and education bosses decided against an enforced one-way system on Curror Street, Mavis Bank and Anderson Road.

But an unwritten rule of entering via Curr or Stree and exiting from Anderson Road promroted to parents with pupil-made signs being hung from railings and lampposts.

PC Conal McEwan said: "It seems to always be the same at the start of a new school year as new parents don't know which way they should be going.

"Parking and traffic is a major issue in Curror Street around school times.

"If there are any instances of dangerous parking I would urge people to call it into the police and allow us to deal with it."

Selkirkshire councillor Gordon Edgar told last Monday's meeting that he would write to the school's headteacher.

He said: "I will ask Knowepark to contact all parents of primary one pupils and remind them of the one-way system."