JED-FOREST 5 HAWICK 34 BOXING Day rugby may have its supporters, but it is difficult to woo big crowds to fixtures where there is little at stake.

At Riverside Park, Hawick won comfortably as coach Phil Leck experimented with some new faces and combinations.

For Jed, however, it was a step backwards in 2012 as new coach Kevin Barrie saw five players go to the treatment room from where Graham Slorance emerged on crutches.

He was not alone, of course, and injuries to Ewan Scott, Alan Frame, Gregor Young and Chris Page added to Barrie's worries as the club battles to stay in the National League. And they have Lewis Young banned for three weeks after his red card at Selkirk.

"We will battle on," said Barrie. "The fight is not over yet." Leck went on: "When you play at this time of year, you are expecting lads who are amateurs to play 'professional'."

Barrie added: "It is a bit sad for a club that can get only 19 boys to turn up for Boxing Day game, and we had to fight hard for everything."

John Coutts (2), Shaun Muir, Finlay Simpson and Craig Smith scored tries, Rory Hutton being on target with the boot, while David Gobby's try was consolation for a struggling Jed.

Jed-Forest: I. Chisholm, C. Gillon, Gregor Young, E. Scott, D. Gobby; R. Miller, R. Goodfellow; David Grieve, S. Raeburn, A. Frame, Glen Young, A. McKay, J. Sudlow, M. Weekley, Donald Grieve. Replacements: G. Slorance, J. Fraser, C. Page, D. Wallace.

Hawick: G. Johnstone; N. McColm, J. Coutts, G. Hogg, S. Anderson; R. Hutton, G. Cottrell; S. Muir, H. Scammell, L. Launders, C. Smith, D. Lowrie, F. Simpson, K. Davies, N. Mactaggart. Replacements: L. Gibson, S. Graham, W. Douglas, K. Willison. Referee: D. Changleng.