HAWICK'S Louise Mercer helped Scotland East to a silver medal on Saturday at the Inter Cross Country Championships in Loughborough.

The Edinburgh University student finished 41st of the 261 runners in the senior women's race behind Jessica Judd.

Louise was the fourth counter for the Scots who claimed silver behind Surrey in the team race.

Faisal Khursheed of Gala Harriers crossed the Under 17s finishing line in 47th of the 263 athletes behind Southampton's Zakariya Mahamed.

Faisal was the second Scotland East runner to finish in his age-group.

Kelso's Darrell Hastie finished 131st of the 283 runners in the senior race behind Andy Vernon.

Hastie, who runs for Gala Harriers, was the final counter for Scotland East who finished eighth in the team event.