As the summer ends and we move into autumn, now is a great time to start wrapping up and enjoying a crisp morning walk along some of the most scenic autumn routes in and around the Scottish Borders. 

Yesterday marked the end of roasting hot weather and a move towards longer nights, scattered leaves and wee fuzzy hats. 

To help you get out and enjoy those autumn colours, we’ve put together a list of some of the region’s best seasonal walking routes for everyone

4 – Kielder Water and Forest Park 

Border Telegraph: Mrba2015/Tripadvisor Kielder Water and Forest ParkMrba2015/Tripadvisor Kielder Water and Forest Park (Image: Mrba2015/Tripadvisor)

The park, which is situated over the border in England is a short distance away from the Scottish Borders and offers an ideal location to embrace nature as the autumn months roll in. 

The region also has interesting art and architectural features, ensuring there is always something new around every corner. 

3 – Abbotsford (The Home of Sir Walter Scott) 

Border Telegraph: Abbotsford/Tripadvisor AbbotsfordAbbotsford/Tripadvisor Abbotsford (Image: Abbotsford/Tripadvisor)

This 19th Century mansion and grounds was once home to Sir Walter Scott, a historical novelist, poet, playwright and historian who is credited with inventing modern Scotland through his romantication of Scottish history and traditions. 

While the site is only open until 5pm, the gardens surrounding his former home are great for an autumn stroll. 

2 – Pentland Hills Regional Park 

Border Telegraph: LouiseG1705/Tripadvisor Pentland HillsLouiseG1705/Tripadvisor Pentland Hills (Image: LouiseG1705/Tripadvisor)

Just a stone’s throw away from the Peebles and the nation’s capital, Edinbrugh, Pentland Regional Park attracts visitors from all over the nation. 

The park facilitates loads of activities like fishing, camping and – of course – autumn walks! 

The area is huge, so come prepared when visiting for your autumn walks this year. 

1 – The North Sea (Coast) 

Border Telegraph: Christie/Tripadvisor The Scottish Borders' coastlineChristie/Tripadvisor The Scottish Borders' coastline (Image: Christie/Tripadvisor)

Fancy taking in some of the region’s striking coastal routes? Then visit some of the many sites and attractions on the Scottish Border’s coast. 

Fast Castle and Abb’s Head near Coldingham are scenic places steeped in history and allow you take in the vastness of Scotland’s North Sea. 

The coast can get quite windy in the colder months, so remember to wrap yourself up and keep an eye on any weather updates. 

What is the autumn equinox? 

A solar Equinox is a moment in time when the Sun crosses the Earth’s equator, covering the northern and southern hemisphere with an equal amount of sunlight. 

This makes the sun appear ‘due west’ and ‘due east’ in an event that happens twice a year. 

When is the autumn equinox? 

The first equinox of 2022 occurred on March 20 while the second equinox occurs on Friday September 23.